Admission Response to COVID-19

Texas Chiropractic College Admission Response to the COVID-19 Undergraduate Education Experience 

COVID-19 changed the educational experience for undergraduate students and thus posed challenges for students meeting the traditional admission requirements.  Texas Chiropractic College has implemented an interim admission procedure to accommodate changes to the undergraduate experience and business closures.  

Exceptions for Courses Graded as P/F during the COVID-19 pandemic

All coursework graded S/U or Pass/No Credit will be accepted without condition.  If possible, we would prefer all pre-requisite courses have a letter grade to determine if a student meets admission requirements or alternative admission.

Online Pre-Requisite Courses

All online courses taken during the Spring, Summer and Fall 2020 semesters will be accepted.  

Letters of Recommendation 

We understand that businesses were closed and opportunities to shadow have been limited.  Phone and video meetings to allow the Doctor of Chiropractic opportunities to adequately complete a letter of recommendation will be accepted for the Spring and Summer 2021 trimesters.   


We understand that there may be delays receiving official transcripts from all colleges.  We will accept unofficial transcripts and printed grade reports to determine admission eligibility.  Upon acceptance, official transcripts will be required to remain in the program.   

Published: 11/18/2020

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