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It is our goal in the Alumni Relations Department to enhance the relationship between the school and alumni. The overall mission is to have more interaction among TCC Graduates, students, the community and the College. We recognize students as future alumni and we nurture excitement about engagement with TCC.

Update your contact informationActivities and programs are held in various cities. While those events have their time and place, the college is looking to broaden our horizons to engage the di-verse needs of the college. We are now providing events that engage more participation, active in-volvement, and more po-tential students!

Dinners are still being held in various cities throughout Texas in order to get our alumni together to meet and talk about their practice, the profession, and how they can help TCC. It’s a wonderful opportunity to renew those friendships. This is also an opportunity for prospective students to meet our alumni and ask questions.

For more information or suggestions, please contact:

Gabrielle Greenwade • Director of Alumni Relations