Available Positions


To provide assistance to the Lead Academic Chair.  Act as a liaison between Yearly Academic Chairs, students, faculty, staff, and external contacts including administrators from other colleges, universities, alumni, other physicians, vendors, and community leaders. Supervises
the activities of faculty support staff.


1.     Provide administrative assistance to the Lead Academic Chair, including; independent problem solving, organization, planning, acting as liaison with the Lead Academic Chair, faculty, staff, students, administration, as well as with external contacts.

2.     Assists Lead Academic Chair with reports, letter, and memo composition, copying, typing, and answering the telephone.

3.     Handling incoming and outgoing mail and responding to correspondence independently.

4.     Screening visitors and maintaining a professional environment in the Academic office suite.

5.     Supervise faculty support staff and College Work-Study participants.  Includes interviewing, training, evaluation, discipline, scheduling, time sheet approval and record keeping.

6.     Organize the faculty office suite.  Includes ordering and maintaining adequate supplies for faculty and support staff productivity, monitoring office equipment upkeep and needs, and anticipation of equipment requests.

7.     Assists with the Lead Academic Chair’s budget and is budget manager of the General Instruction budget which includes preparation, maintenance, approval of expenditures, record keeping, and report generation.

8.     Oversee the execution of the supplemental exam policy and scheduling.  Includes monitoring and reviewing requests for supplemental exams.  Communication and coordination of supplemental examinations with faculty and Assessment Center Director. Works closely with Lead Academic Chair to prevent abuse of the supplemental exam policy.

9.     Assist the Lead Academic Chair with faculty evaluation process.  Includes the confidentiality handling, computing, reporting, distributing, and storing of the students’ evaluation of faculty.

10.  Make travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, transportation arrangements, and submitting travel reimbursements as needed.

11.  Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


1.     Cross-trained to serve as back up for faculty suite support staff duties as well as various duties of Lead Academic Chair’s assistant.

2.     Assist faculty with office procedures and equipment.

3.     Assist Institutional research with accrediting and government reports, surveys, self-studies, etc.


1.     High school graduate, college preferred.

2.     Four (4) years of secretarial and general clerical experience and two (2) years supervisory experience required.

3.     Proficiency in MS Word, Windows 95, and ability to learn other software programs.

4.     Project management, some college and medical terminology is a plus.

5.     Thorough knowledge of business English, spelling and punctuation, record keeping, office practices, procedures, and equipment.

6.     Knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.

7.     Knowledge of departmental functions and organization.

8.     Skill in composition, setting up and typing accurately and with reasonable speed, a variety of correspondence, reports, and other materials.

9.     Ability to conduct heavy interfaces with faculty and students; interface with administration, business office, and bookstore personnel.

10.  Confidentiality is mandatory.

Normal forty (40) hour work week (Monday through Friday) with minimal overtime to meet deadlines during midterm and finals.
Must be able to deal with stressful situations associated with multiple project deadlines.

Sedentary physical demand level.  Speaking and listening.  General verbal and numerical intelligence.  A high degree of concentration is required.

Enrollment Coordinator

Must be willing to travel.
The role of the Enrollment Coordinator is to manage, recruit, counsel and enroll new students into Texas Chiropractic College Doctor of Chiropractic Program. Enrollment Coordinators work with prospective students regarding career choice, chiropractic profession information, prerequisite requirements, the TCC academic program as well as other questions pertaining to the college and campus life. 


 Prospective Student Interaction 

  1. Monitor and place follow up phone calls to all inquiries, making sure calls are made in a timely fashion.
  2. Provide excellent service and guidance to all students.
  3. Keep prospective students informed of their Enrollment status.
  4. Host individual appointments with prospective students via phone or in person.
  5. Invite all prospective students to experience Texas Chiropractic College directly by organizing personalized opportunities to visit campus, attend an organized event, etc.

Counselor Processes and Procedures 

  1. Ability to foster and maintain professional relationships with prospective students and their families.
  2. Consistently work with applicants to facilitate progression through the admission process.
  3. Strategically manage designated geographic territory and all constituents within (prospective students, alumni, college contacts, hospitality professionals, etc.).
  4. Provide detailed and timely reports on all aspects of designated recruitment territory and prospective students to Office of Enrollment Services management.
  5. Maintain required student documentation in student recruitment software, as directed by Office of Enrollment Services management.
  6. Contribute to and participate in communication plans to include: telecounseling, automated communication through student recruitment software and ad-hoc campaigns as deemed necessary. 
  7. Demonstrate the ability to perform unofficial transcript evaluations at the request of students or Office of Enrollment Services management.

Recruitment Activity Participation

  1. Attend all scheduled recruitment, campus, outreach events.
  2. Attend, participate, and help facilitate New Student Orientation, White Coat Ceremony, and Graduation.   
  3. Other assigned departmental activities.

General Service and Performance Standards                

  1. Conduct self in a professional manner while communicating with colleagues across departments with courtesy and respect.
  2. Present self in a professional manner adhering to the dress code established by the college.
  3. Attend all on-campus and off-campus appointments/meetings/events on time.
  4. Maintain a positive and professional demeanor throughout TCC engagements.
  5. Accept new assignments and contribute to all department and committee objectives.
  6. Demonstrate effective time management by following through on assignments or requests in a timely manner.
  7. Attend weekly meetings to update Office of Enrollment Services management on productivity pertaining to duties and all factors affecting job performance.
  8. Demonstrate the ability to accept and implement feedback from colleagues and Office of Enrollment Services management.
  9. Contribute to the Office of Enrollment Services application and matriculation goals to secure three classes a year (trimester basis); meet individual recruitment activity goals as directed by Office of Enrollment Services management.   

TCC Knowledge and Selling Skills

  1. Ability to explain the basic principles of the Chiropractic profession, as well as the history and philosophical principles of Texas Chiropractic College.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to sell benefits and features of a Texas Chiropractic College education.
  3. Utilize proper phone etiquette when speaking with any constituent of a designated territory.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to collaborate across departments to effectively support the recruitment efforts.
  5. Communicate verbally and in writing with colleagues on the Texas Chiropractic College campus regarding student information. 


  1. Bachelor’s Degree and a minimum one year of applicable work experience.  Preferred education in Business, Marketing or Sales.
  2. Excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  3. Ability to speak to prospective students in both large and small group settings.
  4. Basic knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet software and general computer applications.
  5. Strong organizational skills are necessary.
  6. Current driver’s license.
  7. Current passport.

Texas Chiropractic College is focused on providing a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for our students, faculty, and staff.

The college is an equal opportunity employer and will extend equal opportunity to all individuals without regard to race, religion, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity), national origin, disability, age, genetic information, status as protected veteran, or any other status protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws.

Adjunct Faculty – Basic and/or Clinical Sciences (ongoing)

The successful applicants will have the ability to provide instruction and assessment in a range of areas of program need such as human gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, physiology and/or radiology and orthopedics. Instruction will be assigned as best fits their experience, expertise and needs of the program. Faculty members are expected to adhere to the TCC Faculty Handbook and institutional policies. They will report to the Chair of the department they are assigned.


  1. Teach or assist in instruction as assigned.
  2. Mentor and guide students in their subject area. 


  1. Education preparation such as DC, MD, PhD, DPT, ACT with teaching experience in areas related to basic, and/or clinical sciences preferred.
  2. Three years, or more, of instructional experience preferred.
  3. Advanced degree and/or qualifications in basic or clinical sciences preferred.
  4. Ability to utilize and/or develop evidence-based instructional and assessment strategies appropriate to the courses assigned.
  5.  Ability to use a range of instructional strategies including case presentations/discussions, class or small group discussions, interactive presentations, lectures.
  6. Ability to use instruction presentation aids including Power Point.
  7. Ability to type and develop examinations using platforms such as ExamSoft.
  8. Ability to use synchronous and asynchronous platforms including Microsoft Teams and Zoom to engage in online instruction.
  9. Ability to work closely with other course instructors to facilitate horizontal and vertical integration of the curriculum.
  10. Willingness to expand his/her own knowledge base to fit the needs of the institution.
  11. Willingness to directly assist in other courses based on the needs of the college.


  • Ability to handle the time requirements and pressures related to teaching and student interactions.
  • Standard classroom and/or online classroom and office environment. ]


Ability to climb stairs or use elevator in classroom buildings and to stand or sit while teaching.

Texas Chiropractic College is focused on providing a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for our students, faculty and staff. 

The college is an equal opportunity employer and will extend equal opportunity to all individuals without regard to race, religion, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity), national origin, disability, age, genetic information, status as protected veteran, or any other status protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws. 

To apply:
Send your Curricula Vita, Transcripts (unofficial is acceptable at this point) and cover letter. 

Sue Arnold, Director of Human Resources
Texas Chiropractic College - 5912 Spencer Hwy TX 77505

Sue Arnold, Director of Human Resources
Texas Chiropractic College - 5912 Spencer Hwy TX 77505
Please contact HR at 281-998-6003 or

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