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About Texas Chiropractic College

About Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena

Are you looking for a nationally recognized chiropractic college in Texas that has a stellar reputation and state-of-the-art facilities? Do you want to start your journey to a doctor of chiropractic degree learning how to be a team player and have stellar bedside manner in addition to receiving a top-notch academics training and education? If so, then you’ll discover that Texas Chiropractic College (TCC) in Pasadena, TX is the best place to attend school to become a chiropractor.

About Texas Chiropractic College

The History of TCC

We are the fourth oldest chiropractic school in the United States and were founded over a hundred years ago in San Antonio, Texas. Our strong admission standards even back then allowed us to quickly propel as a leading chiropractic college among the nation. Thanks to that strong reputation, we quickly grew and ultimately moved from San Antonio to the city of Pasadena in 1965. With ambitious planning and tremendous student success and graduation rates, we launched a distinctive field practicum program in 1976 — one of the first of its kind within the field.

Ten years later, we further made ourselves a premier choice for future chiropractors by forming an internship program with top leading regional hospitals to allow students to specialize in fields such as sports medicine, orthopedists, general surgeons, family medicine, and neurosurgeons. Today, our facilities have expanded to include a full-service campus health clinic and the Moody Health Center where students can participate in a one-year internship program treating the general public under the guidance of experienced attending clinicians.

Who We Are Today

We are highly ranked among the nation’s finest chiropractic schools, and we offer a superior academics that lead to a Bachelor of Science degree in human biology, opening the doors to expand that knowledge into a doctorate degree. Our research-based curriculum and hands-on approaches help aspiring practitioners stand apart from the average graduate. With only 300 students on campus annually we’re a tight-knit community, and you’ll form bonds and make connections with classmates and local facilities that will likely last a lifetime.

Come Discover the Difference at Texas Chiropractic College

If you want more than just an education and a degree, come and see what we have to offer here at Texas Chiropractic College. We’re more than academics and grades: We are a supportive family who can take your career to greater heights with our additional focus on offering a rigorous, yet caring and compassionate educational program for aspiring chiropractors. Come tour our campus at 5912 Spencer Highway in Pasadena, Texas or give us a call to receive additional information at 281-487-1170.

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