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Why Texas Chiropractic College?

Why Texas Chiropractic College?

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Learning chiropractic care is an essential part of providing the care that patients and clients expect when they visit a chiropractor. At Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, TX, we offer the tools that chiropractic professionals need to assist individuals with their goals. We teach students about different medical solutions that help individuals accomplish their health goals.

Medical Education

At Texas Chiropractic College, we have more than 100 years of experience providing a top-class education in medicine and natural medical treatments. We build on a foundation of science and human biology in an undergraduate program that teaches students about the human body and the problems that can arise. Our Doctor of Chiropractic degree program provides additional education in biology, science and medical practice so that our students are ready to handle the challenges that arise when assisting patients and individuals.

Our medical education program prepares students for the future. It is a comprehensive program that allows students to handle treatments for pain relief, injuries or even just challenges with overall health and well-being. We provide a medical education that makes it possible for chiropractors to provide the care that their clients and patients expect.

Hands On Experience

A key factor that sets Texas Chiropractic College apart is the hands on experience that each student receives. We work with 30 hospitals and clinics around Houston to teach hands on chiropractic care with the supervision of medical and chiropractic professionals. The Preceptorship Program and clinic visitation programs help students learn through active participation.

Students also have internship opportunities through medical hospitals and clinics so that they can prepare for their future as a chiropractor. The internships allow students to work directly with chiropractors and medical professionals in a safe and controlled environment while they learn valuable skills and gain advice from chiropractic professionals.

Gaining hands on experience and working on a degree that specializes in medical care and scientific research allows students to learn innovative medical strategies and treatment solutions. For more details about the educational programs available at Texas Chiropractic College or to apply for an upcoming semester, contact us today. (281) 429-8452

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