Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month

Pasadena Mayor Announces September as Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month

Sept Proclamation

Texas Chiropractic College and Moody Health Center would like to acknowledge and thank Pasadena Mayor Jeff Wagner for signing a proclamation announcing September as Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month. The proclamation was presented in Moody Health Center at Texas Chiropractic College on Sept. 15.  

With the proclamation, Pasadena joined other cities around the country to raise public awareness that chiropractic care is the primary first-line, non-pharmacologic approach to safely and effectively relieve acute, subacute and chronic pain.

This nationwide annual campaign was created in response to the opioid abuse crisis and alarming death rate. Prescription opioid use and abuse leading to addiction and catastrophic outcomes has become a national crisis. The leading cause of injury death in the United States is drug overdose, and a majority of the deaths from drug overdoses involved an opioid, according to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.

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