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Student Insurance Via ACSA

While Texas Chiropractic College does not provide health insurance to currently enrolled students, a "Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan" is available through the American College Student Association. To learn more about the ACSA insurance plans, as well as the other services the organization provides, students may pickup an information pack in the Office of Student/Administrative Affairs in the Harris building or go directly to the ACSA's home page at

From the ACSA home page....
American College Student Association is a nationwide association that provides educational services and benefits to domestic and international students. Since 1995, ACSA has offered an extensive selection of products and services to its college student membership, their families and recent graduates – from student health plans to financial aid and discount benefits. Study Abroad Plans and International travel services help members explore the world of possibilities a college education brings.

ACSA is dedicated to serving not only active college students and their families, but also high school seniors, counselors, and their parents in preparation for college life and beyond. We offer numerous benefits to help prospective freshman and college administrators with everyday life, including career and life development services, part time jobs, and the how to prepare for finals. ACSA is committed to providing educational services to all students, at any stage in their academic career.

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