Preceptorship Program

preceptorshipIn 1976, Texas Chiropractic College became the first institution in the world to introduce preceptorships to its already impressive array of hands-on training opportunities for students.

Although preceptorships are not a required part of the curriculum, they are an extremely popular offering among TCC students. Through this innovative chiropractic education program, students spend up to 15 weeks as interns at practices working together alongside licensed Doctors of Chiropractic.

These physicians offer TCC interns personalized instruction and guidance through virtually every aspect of what is involved with operating a medical practice, including:

  • Consulting patients
  • Reviewing patient histories
  • Conducting diagnoses
  • Examining and treating patients
  • Learning billing and insurance procedures

There are three levels of preceptorships at TCC:

Preceptorship I
Students at the beginning preceptorship level are limited to an observational role. Each intern teams up with five doctors, spending one week with each doctor, for a total of five weeks. Preceptorship I is a 20 hour per week program.

Preceptorship II
At the second preceptorship level, students have the opportunity to help with exams and therapy modalities. This preceptorship also lasts for five weeks, but interns spend that entire period working with one doctor. Preceptorship II is a 20 hour per week program.

Preceptorship III
The third preceptorship level offers students the opportunity to observe, perform exams, and conduct therapy modalities and manipulation under the doctor’s supervision. This preceptorship can last for an entire trimester, depending on the student’s schedule. Preceptorship III is a 30 hour per week program.

In order to qualify for the Preceptorship Program, students must have completed their clinical internship and met the program’s eligibility requirements. Most preceptorships do not offer academic credits, but they do offer extraordinary experiences for especially dedicated TCC students.

To learn more about the Preceptorship Program or if you have questions, contact:

Manager of Supplemental Training Programs
(281) 998-6030
(Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

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