President's Alumni Advisory Council

In April 2013 we created a Ten Under 10 Advisory Council. The group was formed for the purpose of addressing issues related to, and advo-cating for the needs of recent graduates.
The Advisory Council meets once each trimester to discuss timely is-sues that affect TCC as well as share suggestions and ideas on how we can strengthen the TCC community. We recently added ten over 10 graduates to the group to form a President’s Alumni Advisory Council.
The Advisory Council encourages continued relationships with TCC, fostering active involvement and helping to develop future volunteers and leaders. We ask that you commit to at least a year involvement in the Advisory Council to get clear view of our events and projects. Term limit is three years. This is an Advisory Council to the President and there are no bylaws.
We recently elected offices in January 2014 and the new President is Dr. Joey Simon, Vice President is Dr. Lauren Baker, and Secretary is TeLila Robinson.

TCC President’s Alumni Advisory Council Members

Lauren Baker, D.C.
Chase Banks, D.C
Robert Barton, D.C.
Stewart Beatty, D.C.
Christopher Canada, D.C.
Daniel Dannug, D.C.
James Dinh, D.C.
Brandi Griffin, D.C.
James Heintz, D.C.
Jeremiah Holzbach, D.C.
Lawson Howard, D.C.
David Luquette, D.C.
James Parsons, D.C.
Austin Reynolds, D.C.
Te’Lila Robinson, D.C.
Jose Simon Jr. D.C.
Grady Stimits, D.C.
Cassie Stinson, D.C.
Robert Zicterman, D.C.
Jose Simon, D.C.—Pres.
Lauren Baker, D.C.—V.P.
TeLila Robinson, Sec. & Treasurer