TCC Students Present Research at National Conferences

PASADENA, Texas -- Texas Chiropractic College students Joseph Urrea, Gabrielle Williams and Kelley Humphries represented the College, their research teams and the chiropractic profession on Nov. 8, presenting research posters at two national research conferences.

joseph urreaUrrea and Williams both had posters accepted for the National Center for Human Performance Annual Meeting’s student research competition, with Urrea taking third in the competition. Humphries presented at the annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in San Jose, Calif. In August, Humphries also presented the findings of a spring 2012 research study, “Thoracolumbar spinal manipulation impact on exercise performance,” at the ACA Sports Council Symposium in Arizona. She won first place and $3,000 for the college. This is the first year for TCC to compete in these research poster competitions.

Additionally, TCC was awarded a $10,350 grant from NCMIC in August to help increase student research efforts on campus. Faculty and research leaders Dr. John Ward and Dr. Jesse Coats will be using part of the award to fund six $1,100 student research development grants.

gabby williams"As a faculty member and researcher, it's very exciting to have our students actively engaged in the research process here at TCC,” said Dr. Ward. “I'm proud of the work Joseph, Gabby, Kelley and many of their classmates continue to further the chiropractic profession."

Urrea presented on “Relationship between orthopedic hip screening tests and peak force production in unilateral isometric and dynamic movements” (Joseph Urrea, Robert Burdsall, Robert Byrne, Tim Lee, Brett Ramey, Jamil Vohra, Amber Watson, Barry Wiese, William Amonette). In this project, asymptomatic participants engaged in four different orthopedic tests (Thomas test, Ober’s test, Trendelenburg test, and Gillet’s test) which measured hip function.  After this, the participants engaged in isometric squats and other exercises to see how well the orthopedic test findings correlated with actual physical performance.

Williams presented on “Short-term impact of chiropractic spinal manipulation on cardiovascular physiology” (John Ward, Jesse Coats, Ken Tyer, Gabbrielle Williams, Shauna Weigand, Danielle Cockburn). This study measured how spinal manipulation impacted blood pressure, EKGs, pulse oximetry, and other cardiovascular attributes. The first part of this two-part study received final approval for publication by the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Theraputics in September and should be published soon. The second part just received final approval for publication by Clinical Chiropractic.

kelley humphriesIn San Jose, Calif., Humphries presented on “Systematic review of the use of complementary and alternative medicine by Non-Hispanic Blacks” (John Ward, Kelley Humphries, Michael Ramcharan, Caroline Webb). This project is currently under review for publication consideration.