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Meet Our Admission Team

For general information about the Admission process, contact the Office of Admission at 1.800.468.6839, 281.998.6007 or


Monique Lewis

Director of Admission

281-998-5766 (office)
281-797-5787 (mobile)


Emery Carter

Lead Admission Counselor

281-998-5730 (office)
713-819-4232 (mobile)


Pamela Carias

Admission Counselor

281-998-5765 (office)
281-723-3868 (mobile)


Erika Garduza

Admission Counselor

281-998-6098 (office)
281-229-2509 (mobile)


Melanie Lavo

Admission Counselor

281-998-6016 (office)
281-757-5677 (mobile)


Candy Cordova

Admission Counselor

281-998-6019 (office)
832-226-6955 (mobile)


Stephanie Sladek

Admission Counselor

281-998-6065 (office)
281-723-3951 (mobile)





Marian Moore

Transcript Evaluator
Administrative Assistant

281-998-6018 (office)