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A Letter from the Director of Alumni Relations

Looking back on my time as Director of Alumni Relations, a full year now, I think of the milestones the office has achieved.

Our first goal was to develop opportunities and create programs for alumni to interact with our students, remain involved with TCC, and connect, or reconnect with fellow graduates. The Alumni Mentorship Program provides an avenue for students to observe all aspects of a chiropractic practice. These students get a better idea of how different offices operate and what they can expect in their own future practices.  So far, we have over 50 doctors throughout the United States participating in the program.

Our second effort is the Ambassador Program. This program is designed to allow our graduates to be liaisons for TCC. The doctors speak at local high schools, colleges, and other events educating the public on the health benefits of chiropractic while representing TCC.  These doctors also assist our Office of Admission in recruiting prospective students while at the same time increasing exposure to their own practices in their own communities.

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Another effort by our office is the TCC “Road Shows.” These dinner events are held in various cities throughout Texas. They provide an opportunity for everyone to invite prospective students and talk to them about a career in chiropractic. Local Road Shows are a great opportunity to meet with your colleagues to discuss your areas of expertise and possible patient referrals.

I continue to be amazed (and sometimes overwhelmed!) at what we offer and what we can achieve in the future at TCC.  I encourage everyone to attend our events, refer prospective students, and support the College.  As indicated in the last issue of Together, the TCC Magazine, we are already off to a great start in Alumni Relations.

I look forward to seeing everyone at one or more of the many on-and-off campus events that are held throughout the year to which you are invited. Please make time in your busy schedule to join us!

Gabrielle Greenwade • Director of Alumni Relations