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Tuition & Fees

When it comes to discussing the costs associated with attending Texas Chiropractic College, the emphasis needs to be placed on the idea of value.

The learning and living experience at TCC is something that will pay lifelong dividends—whether it’s a successful DC career, an expansive network of professional colleagues, or an invaluable circle of personal friends. Ask any of our graduates and you will quickly find that these are things that simply transcend price tags.

(If you are an international student, click here to learn more about international bank transfer options for tuition payments)

Schedule of Tuition and Fees
(effective Fall 2014 Trimester)

Full Time BS/DC tuition (12 or more credits) $10,115
Part Time BS/DC tuition per credit hour (1-11.5 credits) $843
Alternative Admission Schedule - Mandated (TR1 and TR2 only) $5,058
Alternative Admission Schedule - Voluntary (for each term over 11 trimesters) $9,197
Course Audit Fee $100 per course
Elective course tuition (per credit hour) TBD per course
Advance tuition deposit $300
Student activity fee (mandatory, nonrefundable) $25
Technology fee (mandatory, nonrefundable) $125
Laboratory Fee, per credit hour $45
Equipment Fee (Tri 1-5) $200
TR1 fee (memberships and one ID card) $80 
Late payment fee on balance (first day of classes) 1%
Late payment fee on balance (first day of second month of trimester) 2% 
Late payment fee on balance (first day of third month of trimester) 3%
Late payment fee on balance (first day of fourth month of trimester) 4%
Late registration fee for BS/DC $75  
DC degree program application fee $50
NSF/returned check fee $25
Transcript copy fee (not issued if delinquent/hold) $5
Replacement ID card fee $5
Photograph/picture fee $5
Make-up examination fee $40/$75*
Graduation fee $75
Replacement diploma fee $75
Diploma copy fee $5
Replacement award certificate fee $25
Advance tuition deposit (nonrefundable if not enrolled) $300
BS degree processing fee (nonrefundable) $150**
Advance standing fee - minimum (one course) $50
Advance standing fee - maximum (two or more courses) $100
Parking violation fee $10

2nd violation


3rd violation


4th violation (and or disciplinary action)


 *  Make-up exams requiring the use of a standardized patient will require the $75 fee.
**  There will be a $50 refund if diploma is not awarded.