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Practice Attending Clinician


The Attending Clinician serves within the College clinic system, providing care and/or direct supervision of patient care and assisting in the instruction of chiropractic interns in the various competencies necessary for the successful practice of chiropractic.  The Attending Clinician also represents the Clinics and the College through active participation in service activities at the professional, community, and college levels.  Consistent professional development and growth is expected.


  1. Responsible for providing patient-centered, evidence-informed care in the TCC Clinic system; this includes direct care delivery and/or direct supervision of interns providing care to our patients.
  2. Responsible for developing a chiropractic practice within the clinic system consistent grounded in success oriented models that include appropriate standards of care, sound business practices and the generation of revenue.
  3. Responsible for complete and appropriate documentation as it relates to patient care and clinical education.
  4. Responsible for the delivery of a high level of quality clinical education for our chiropractic interns. Compliance with regulations and recommendations set forth by local, regional and national level accrediting bodies.
  5. Consistently demonstrating appropriate professional behaviors; serving as a mentor and role model for students.
  6. Any other clinic programs or activities as assigned by the Director or Dean of Clinics.


  1. D.C. degree; Texas license to practice chiropractic or the ability to get a Texas license.
  2. Three years minimum practice experience; prefer experience in a chiropractic teaching clinic, and/or experience within an integrative setting.
  3. High degree of familiarity with a patient-centered, evidence-informed model of practice. 
  4. Personnel management skills, problem-solving skills. 
  5. Ability to effectively multi-task without a loss in work quality.   
  6. High level of written/verbal skills. 
  7. Patience, integrity, tact, firmness, sense of fairness, able to work under stress, ability to work as part of a team.


40+ hours per week.  One-on-one with interns, patients, and staff.


Verbal, mental and numerical intelligence required of a healthcare professional and educator.

Contact Information:

Sue Arnold, Director of Human Resources
Texas Chiropractic College - 5912 Spencer Hwy TX 77505
281-998-6003, FAX 281-998-5788 or





Oversee everyday operations of the Moody Health Center, Texas Chiropractic College’s outpatient clinic.  Responsibilities include supervision of reception staff, patient satisfaction, MHC revenue (including all patient billing), assigned elements of expense budgeting, and inventory control methods used to monitor use and consumption of clinic equipment, durable medical equipment and resale inventory.


  1. Work closely with Director of Clinic Services to set goals, priorities and budgets for submission to planning process.
  2. Know, understand and support all MHC policies and procedures with interns, patients, staff and Attending Clinicians.
  3. Responsible for ensuring that all staff members work as a team to promote a professional image at all times to the public, staff and faculty.
  4. Responsible for interviewing, recommending for hire, and development of all staff in MHC in consultation with the Director of Clinic Services.
  5. Oversees training and schedules staff in-services as needed to ensure staff has adequate knowledge and skills for optimum performance. 
  6. Consult with interns regarding clinic issues and/or problems to determine a resolution or send them to Director of Clinic Services for immediate attention.
  7. Maintaining records with respect to hourly time, sick days, vacation time, and scheduling accordingly to ensure adequate staffing during clinic hours. 
  8. Responsible for seeing that staff is trained on patient accounting/scheduling software to ensure smooth transition of record and accounts with minimal disturbance to daily MHC operations.
  9. Responsible for overseeing that daily accounting reports, balancing of cash and deposits are done in a timely and accurate manner.
  10. Responsible for working with Director of Clinic Services on pricing for all clinic services and products. Assessing these prices periodically, to determine if they are within fair market value. Ensuring that any new or updated prices are incorporated and coded (per Medicare and insurance guidelines) correctly into the software program on a timely basis. 
  11. Responsible for ordering and restocking: office and educational supplies, physical therapy, rehabilitation supplies, orthotic supplies, laboratory supplies, radiology supplies, promotional items and nutritional supplements. 
  12. Maintain inventory on all MHC purchased, donated and loaned items.       
  13. Credentialing and licensing of all physicians with all third party payers.  Prepare and maintain records for clinic and all physicians including applications and renewals for licensure credentialing (i.e., Medicare, CLIA, private insurances, etc.).
  14. Responsible for issuing requests for payment and employee/student reimbursement requests in a timely manner.
  15. Maintain OSHA records.
  16. Oversee work study programs in MHC.  Approve hours for payment.
  17. Responsible for staff and procedures in MHC Laboratory services.
  18. Maintain HIPAA Compliance in MHC in consultation with the Director of Clinic Services.
  19. Work closely with cleaning service and maintenance to ensure that all areas of the clinic are maintained according to OSHA regulations and to be sure that the clinic reflects an image of high standards and excellence in appearance as well internal operations at all times.
  20. Assist, as needed, in political activities representing Moody Health Center within various organizations as directed by Director of Clinic Services.
  21. Meet with the Director of Clinic Services to inform the Director of any clinic issues or problems.  Inform the Director of Clinic Services of daily decisions that were made or those that still need the Director’s attention.
  22. Recommend to Director of Clinic Services any procedural or policy changes that may produce a more efficient operation of Moody Health Center.
  23. Attend the Attending Clinician meetings to keep apprised of any issues or problems important to the operation and business of MHC.
  24. Any other tasks assigned by Director of Clinic Services as needed.

Patient Billing Functions:

  1. Provide financial information to all patients when necessary.  If this is not possible on the first visit, a follow up attempt is necessary.
  2. Verify all patient (chiropractic and medical) benefits.
  3. Responsible for weekly billings on all insurance patients.
  4. Responsible for monthly billing statements for all patients that show a balance.
  5. Responsible for all adjustments to patient accounts, including write-offs.
  6. Log and track all new patient information with regard to patient coding for billing purposes.
  7. Responsible for overseeing the entry of New Lab Service Codes as well as Dispensary Items, CPT codes and ICD-9 codes.
  8. Provide assistance and training as well as backup to the Reception staff during busy times or when needed.
  9. Preauthorization of patient visits (when applicable).
  10. Responsible for processing all EOBs received from the insurance companies and applying payments to patient accounts.
  11. Responsible for entering all Diagnosis Sheets as they are turned in by the Interns, or overseeing accuracy of these entries.
  12. Process insufficient fund checks appropriately.
  13. Run a weekly Patient Aging report.
  14. Provide assistance and/or information to area doctors sending their patients to MHC for:  x-rays and labs.
  15. Responsible for processing electronic claims.

Contact Information:

Sue Arnold, Director of Human Resources
Texas Chiropractic College - 5912 Spencer Hwy TX 77505
281-998-6003, FAX 281-998-5788 or

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The role of the Admission Counselor is to manage, recruit, counsel and enroll new students into Texas Chiropractic College Doctor of Chiropractic Program. Admission counselors work with prospective students regarding career choice, chiropractic profession information, prerequisite requirements, the TCC academic program as well as other questions pertaining to the college and campus life.

Prospective Student Interaction

  1. Monitor and place follow up phone calls to all inquiries, making sure calls are made in a timely fashion.
  2. Provide excellent service and guidance to all students.
  3. Keep prospective students informed of their admission status.
  4. Host individual appointments with prospective students via phone or in person.
  5. Ability to collaborate with the Director of Student Support Services to link prospective students with a current student that shares the same interest and/or are from the same region of the country.
  6. Invite all prospective students to experience Texas Chiropractic College directly by organizing personalized opportunities to visit campus, attend an organized event, etc. 

Counselor Processes and Procedures

  1. Ability to foster and maintain professional relationships with prospective students and their families.
  2. Consistently work with applicants to facilitate progression through the admission process.
  3. Strategically manage designated geographic territory and all constituents within (prospective students, alumni, college contacts, hospitality professionals, etc.).
  4. Provide detailed and timely reports on all aspects of designated recruitment territory and prospective students to Office of Admission Management.
  5. Maintain required student documentation in student recruitment software, as directed by Office of Admission management.
  6. Contribute to and participate in communication plans to include: telecounseling, automated communication through student recruitment software and ad-hoc campaigns as deemed necessary. 
  7. Demonstrate the ability to perform unofficial transcript evaluations at the request of students or Office of Admission management.

Recruitment Activity Participation

  1. Attend all scheduled recruitment, campus, outreach events.
  2. Attend and participate in New Student Orientation.   
  3. Other assigned departmental activities.

General Service and Performance Standards

  1. Conduct self in a professional manner while communicating with colleagues across departments with courtesy and respect.
  2. Present self in a professional manner adhering to the dress code established by the college.
  3. Attend all on-campus and off-campus appointments/meetings/events on time.
  4. Maintain a positive and professional demeanor throughout TCC engagements.
  5. Accept new assignments and contribute to all department and committee objectives.
  6. Demonstrate effective time management by following through on assignments or requests in a timely manner or providing notification within 48 hours on any assignment delays.
  7. Attend weekly meetings to update Office of Admission management on productivity pertaining to duties and all factors affecting job performance.
  8. Demonstrate the ability to accept and implement feedback from colleagues and Office of Admission management.
  9. Contribute to the Office of Admission application and matriculation goals to secure three classes a year (trimester basis); meet individual recruitment activity goals as directed by Office of Admission management.   

TCC Knowledge and Selling Skills

  1. Ability to explain the basic principles of the Chiropractic profession, as well as the history and philosophical principles of Texas Chiropractic College.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to sell benefits and features of a Texas Chiropractic College education.
  3. Utilize proper phone etiquette when speaking with any constituent of a designated territory.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to collaborate across departments to effectively support the recruitment efforts.
  5. Communicate verbally and in writing with colleagues on the Texas Chiropractic College campus regarding student information. 


  1. Bachelor’s Degree and a minimum one year of applicable work experience.  Preferred education in Business, Marketing or Sales.
  2. Excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  3. Ability to speak to prospective students in both large and small group settings.
  4. Basic knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet software and general computer applications.
  5. Strong organizational skills are necessary.
  6. Current driver’s license.


Position requires variable hours, including assigned weekend and evening work at times. 


Speaking, listening and visual acuity; able to walk and stand for extended periods of time; ability to work extensively on a computer or workstation; ability to carry up to 25lbs; safe and defensive driving. 


Critical/analytical reading and thinking; strong verbal communication and writing skills; working knowledge of basic mathematics.


Standard office conditions with periods of extensive in-state and out-of-state travel.

Contact Information:

Sue Arnold, Director of Human Resources
Texas Chiropractic College - 5912 Spencer Hwy TX 77505
281-998-6003, FAX 281-998-5788 or

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