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CL812020:Clinic II (15 weeks)


Lecture hours: 0
Lab hours: 20
Hours: 300
Credit hours: 12



Building upon pre-clinical coursework and clinical skills learned in Clinic I (Campus Health Center), interns provide chiropractic care to the public for their attending clinician’s patients in the Moody Health Center under their license, mentoring, and supervision.  All elements of doctor-patient interaction are reviewed and discussed, including history taking, physical examination, diagnostic studies, development of a diagnosis, and implementation of a therapeutic management plan.  Total patient care encompasses patient re-evaluation, outcome assessment, and documentation.

PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of all courses in trimesters 1 through 7 and must directly follow enrollment in Clinic I. All entering students (new and transfer) beginning with Spring 2012 admission must pass all six sections of NBCE I. Failure of prerequisite coursework or NBCE I will require the student to be enrolled again in Clinic I.

Course Syllabus