Texas Chiropractic College to Implement New Force Sensing Table Technology

December 19, 2017 - PASADENA, Texas

Texas Chiropractic College has announced the implementation of new technology to aid students in perfecting their adjusting skills. This project has been led by the Vice President for Academic Affairs; John Mrozek, DC, MEd, EdD, FCCS (C), FICC, who offered some insight on what this means for the future education of students:

The teaching of adjusting skills, also referred to as manual therapy, is paramount in chiropractic education. Until recently this important skill has been taught using demonstration and observation of the manual skill of the student by the faculty. New technology has been developed to allow the collection of instantaneous data on the loads transmitted by the student to a human analogue mannequin (HAMTM ). This data can be immediately quantified and compared to expert force-time profiles allowing the student to model adjusting force loads demonstrated by experts.

This training would begin early in the curriculum and prior to actual patient contact. This new teaching tool in question is known as Force Sensing Table Technology (FSTT).

"FSTT provides instant information on the loads applied during the adjustment. Most importantly it provides quantifiable feedback on pre-load force, force amplitude, rate-of-rise in force, loads and direction of the adjusting impulse. This adds a new dimension to the teaching and learning of spine and extremity adjustment skills," Mrozek said.

Students will be able to gain an instant evaluation of their adjusting techniques thanks to this breakthrough addition. The Force Sensing Table will allow them to improve their execution by eliminating the guess-work and relying on facts and statistics instead.

Mrozek added, "Most importantly, FSTT would be an invaluable dimension to the teaching and learning of the adjusting forces that will be applied to treating patients. It provides a new and important feedback tool for teaching the art of adjusting."

Mrozek said he "anticipates faculty familiarization over late spring and summer of 2018 and course implementation either summer of 2018 or by fall of 2018."

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