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Current Research Studies at Texas Chiropractic College

While research is an on-going, cross-divisional process at Texas Chiropractic College, below is information about some of our research studies which are currently seeking subjects/participants.

Nutritional Product Research Study

If you are over 18 years-of-age with neck or low back pain, you may qualify. During this study, participants will be provided free back or neck pain care. In this study, some participants will take a nutritional product daily and others will not. This study is to determine if a particular nutritional product (Ligaplex®) speeds healing. After successfully completing all parts of this study you will receive and sign for an $80 Target® gift card for your time.

Learn more about this study by reviewing the informational flyer or contact Dr. John Ward at or 281.998.5704.

Laser Gym Research Study

If you are a female between the ages of 60-94, you may qualify for this research study. Participants will receive a Target® gift card for $50 or $150 depending on the level of participation.

If you are interested please contact Dr. John Ward at or 281.998.5704.

Basketball Research Study

If you are an individual or team interested in becoming a research subject(s) please contact Dr. Jesse Coats at 281.998.6064.