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Student Services at Texas Chiropractic College 

The choice to become a Doctor of Chiropractic is admirable and life-changing. As you begin your journey toward your goal at Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, we provide a variety of student services to support your path. Our school support system begins at New Student Orientation, during which we introduce you to the school policies and procedures, academic support opportunities, assign you a peer mentor, provide you with access to your student accounts, and answer your questions. You also become a member of the Student American Chiropractic Association and begin to network with future doctors and colleagues.

We Support Successful Learning 

Once you arrive at school and settle in, we continue to offer student services to support a successful learning experience. Some of the student services offered at Texas Chiropractic College include:

  • Academic Advising & Support - your chiropractic success depends on learning the in-depth knowledge of the body. If you are struggling to understand key concepts, or simply need a review, we provide tutors to work with you personally. The Office of Student Services can also help with advising while you navigate through the curriculum.
  • Computer Lab - if your computer crashes, or you need an alternative place to study, our computer lab is available for your convenience.
  • Health Services- you are entering the health field because you believe in living a healthy lifestyle. Texas Chiropractic College supports this and offers complimentary care for students at the Moody Health Center.  We also support good mental health by connecting students to resources in the community and to peer support online
  • Disability Services - if you wish to disclose a documented disability in order to request academic accommodations, the Office of Student Services can assist in that process.
  • Financial Aid - we are proud to offer financial assistance to support your dream of becoming a chiropractor.
  • Cafeteria Services - our cafeteria provides a variety of food selections to fuel you for your studies and extracurricular activities. 
  • Student Organizations - in addition to your academic studies, you may enjoy the support from a student organization. Texas Chiropractic College offers a variety of organizations to fit your cultural and personal beliefs.
  • Campus Safety - our goal is to keep you safe while you are learning. Campus safety and security are a primary concern.
  • Campus Bookstore - at the bookstore, you find the supplies needed to perform well in class. Textbooks and tools are available, as well as gifts for your family. The bookstore is located on the first floor of the Learning Resource Center. You may also purchase products online.
  • Extracurricular Activities - your academic pursuits pair well with extracurricular activities. If you are interested in joining a sports league or watching a sporting event, Texas Chiropractic College supports those desires. Our location is nearby parks, sporting events, rec leagues and golf courses to keep your body active. Our campus participates in annual events such as Convention, Career/Vendor Day and the Holiday party to keep you socially active and bonding with your fellow students.

If you have questions about our student services or want more information about a club or organization, please contact us at 281-487-1170 or 800-468-6839.

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