Educational Outcomes

Goals for Student Achievement and Student Success

The focus of TCC’s mission is to educate PRACTICE-READY doctors of chiropractic. One way this is accomplished is by identifying the necessary student competencies in The TCC Graduate: An Educational Blueprint for the 21st Century which will lead to success. This report was initially developed in 2007 and expands on the competencies required by the Council on Chiropractic Education. There are currently nine meta-competencies that provide the framework for this document and the foundation for identifying student success.

Measures of student achievement, including the NBCE results expanded below, are available here.

DC Completion Rates
Normal Length of Program - 10 Trimesters

Entrance Term

# of Students
Matriculated in Entrance Term

Term 10
Trimesters After
Entrance Term
# of Students that
Graduated in 15
Completion Rate
at the 150th Percentile
Spring 2012 25 Fall 2016  20 80%
Summer 2012  11 Spring 2017  7 63.64%
Fall 2012  42 Summer 2017 34 80.95%
Spring 2013  17 Fall 2017  14 82.35%
Summer 2013 22 Spring 2018 7 31.82%
Fall 2013  41 Summer 2018 35 85.37%
TOTALS 158 117 74.05%

NBCE Licensing Exam Completion Rates

The following table depicts students who have completed all four parts of the NBCE exams within six months of graduation.

Texas Chiropractic College does not require students to take all four parts of the NBCE exams prior to graduation. Instead, students are allowed to take the Part III and IV exams on the pace that is most appropriate to each individual's timing and goals as related to beginning in chiropractic practice. The Part IV exam scores (see above) provide a more accurate depiction of success rates of TCC students as it includes students up to three years after graduation who are taking the exams for the first time.

Successful Completion of NBCE Licensing Exams by Graduation

Calendar Year Graduates (Last 4 Years) Number of Graduates Attempting Any or All Parts (I, II, III, IV) of NBCE Exams within six (6) months post - graduation Number of Graduates Passing All Parts (I, II, III, IV) of NBCE Exams within six (6) months post - graduation Percentage of Graduates Pass All Parts (I, II, III, IV) of NBCE Exams within six (6) months post - graduation



57 44 77%



59 51 86%



68 63 93%



63 53 84%
Totals 247 211


(Weighted Average)

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