New Student Scholarships

Texas Chiropractic College likes to recognize students for their dedication to excellence in their pre-DC coursework. We use cumulative GPAs to calculate student's eligibility for the scholarships listed below. Scroll down to read more about the scholarship that you may be awarded.

Students wishing to learn more about the Pathway To Excellence Scholarship, the Academic Honors Award, the Dr. Sandra Kay Hughes Book Award, the TCC Legacy Scholarship, or the Chiropractic Legacy Scholarship are encouraged to contact the Office of Admission, 1-800-468-6839 (locally 281-998-6007) or Currently enrolled TCC students have additional scholarship opportunities available.

Pathway to Excellence Scholarship Program

The Pathway to Excellence Scholarship is TCC's most prestigious award to incoming students. The Program is offered to entering students and begins with the fall trimester of 2010. Recipients must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above in order to be eligible.

Students who meet the criteria will be awarded $2,000 per trimester for a total of $20,000 over the course of their ten trimester career at TCC. PTE recipients will maintain their award if they achieve a 3.25 grade point average at the end of their third trimester. This means that scholars are guaranteed $6,000 awards. After the third trimester recipients must continuously maintain a 3.25 minimum grade point average throughout the remainder of the ten trimester course of study. All entering students with a minimum 3.5 gpa will receive the initial scholarship award.

Academic Honors Award

This one-time $2,000 scholarship is awarded to all incoming students who have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.25-3.49 in their previous coursework. This program was implemented to complement the College's Pathway to Excellence Program.

Dr. Sandra Kaye Hughes Book Award

TCC alumna Dr. Sandra Hughes (class of 1994) graciously offers a $500 book award to one new student each trimester.

Chiropractic Legacy Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to incoming students whose immediate family member – parent, grandparent, sibling or child is an alumnus of any Chiropractic College. The award is $1,000 for the first trimester.

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