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As a participant in TCC’s Alumni Mentorship program, you will contribute directly to the professional development of your future colleagues. As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to ease students transitioning into the workplace while sharing your considerable knowledge about the chiropractic profession. In addition, you may find your own professional development enhanced through sharing of information, reflecting on your own experiences, creating mutual professional networks, and perhaps even learning about the newest techniques and educational trends from TCC students!

What can you offer a TCC student as an alumni mentor?

  • Advice on how to start a practice, market a practice and build a solid patient base
  • Review career options and where to seek out practice opportunities
  • Practical information about working and living in a specific geographic location
  • Help with deciding between solo and group practice options
  • Share experiences of working in the “real world”
  • Allow a student to job shadow you for a day so they can see a practice in action
  • Experience with day-to-day business practices, such as insurance and billing
  • Discuss applications of new techniques, the latest research findings,and trends in patient care and technology
  • Assistance with selecting a student’s clinical internship opportunities
  • How to clarify professional goals
  • Provide encouragement and support while the student is still in school
  • Provide a valued source for questions about life as a chiropractor!

Become a Mentor Today!

Contact Monique Lewis at 281-998-5766 or for more information.

General Rules for Alumni mentors...

  1. Doctors of Chiropractic who wish to participate in the Texas Chiropractic College Alumni Mentor Program must apply to the Director of Alumni Relations Programs and meet current requirements for approved doctors.  Proof of current state licensure, current malpractice coverage and a screening by CINBAD to check for history of malpractice or misconduct issues, are among the criteria.
  2. The College and TCC Student or prospective student assumes the risk of any accident or injury caused by the student, instructor, supervisor, or other personnel of the College.  The College agrees to hold harmless the mentor from all claims arising from such accident or injury, except to the extent that such accident or injury was caused by the negligence of the mentor or its agents, employees, or associates.
  3. The Mentor Program doctor must be in attendance at all times when the student is at the facility.  Students should follow the rules and guidelines that are consistent with the regulations of the appropriate jurisdictional licensing agency.

Minimum experience, education, training and participating mentor responsibilities...

The Mentor doctor agrees to allow the current or prospective student to observe all aspects of the practice, including: consultation, examination, treatment, insurance, and other aspects of the practice that the doctor believes will be of value to the student.  Prior to approval, the doctor must also have the following qualifications:

  • D.C. degree and a current license for chiropractic practice in their particular state.
  • Three (3) years of licensed practical experience.
  • Clinical skills relating to chiropractic patient care.
  • Personnel management skills.
  • Good written and verbal skills.
  • Patience, integrity, tact, firmness, sense of fairness, able to work under stress, and utilize good teamwork skills.
  • Provide a well-equipped, professional office. Must see a minimum of 50 patient visits a week.
  • Supply proof of malpractice insurance. (Not necessary for coverage of students because they are only observing).
  • Must be in good conduct standing with the appropriate state licensing agency.
  • The doctor may request that TCC withdraw a student at any time, and shall have the authority to relieve the student from specific assignment or to require the student to leave the office location.

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