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"To advance knowledge in chiropractic health care through research, scholarly and creative activity to benefit the public and patients we serve. To share our knowledge by collaboration and dissemination." - TCC Mission For Research

Patient-centered health care is at the heart of chiropractic education and research. Texas Chiropractic College (TCC) is training the next generation of leaders in health care, and actively pursuing new discoveries regarding chiropractic care. Our educational and research programs help the chiropractor and healthcare provider of tomorrow meet the challenges of treating the whole patient along with caring for their neuromusculoskeletal issues.

There is a pressing need for chiropractors. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects the employment of chiropractors to grow 17 percent from 2014 to 2024, which is much faster than average for all other professions. This growth is due to an increasing interest in alternative and complementary healthcare that use nonsurgical and drug-free methods of treatment. Increased interest and acceptance is largely due to the vast amount of research into the principles and benefits of chiropractic care. As a result, physicians, physical therapists and other healthcare workers increasingly rely on chiropractors to provide care for their patients. Our school is proud to be meeting the need for chiropractors and chiropractic research.

TCC – Leading the Way in Chiropractic Education and Research

We have but one vision at TCC – to become a leader in the advancement and discovery of new knowledge that supports the scientific foundation of chiropractic care and enriches patient care by translating evidence in a meaningful way and applying the information appropriately.

Texas Chiropractic College performs research in a variety of fields, including biomechanics, falls prevention, the contribution of chiropractic care to healthy aging, and epidemiological investigation of the relationship between chiropractic care and overall health. The College’s practice-based research assesses health outcomes in communities, aided by information provided by participating chiropractors practicing across the country.

Click here to read TCC's Strategic Plan for Enhancement of Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity online.

The 2011 Spring/Fall issue of the TCC magazine Together highlights the research done at Texas Chiropractic College. Click here to read an article discussing the importance of research for practicing chiropractors, along with articles on other research activities occurring across the TCC Pasadena campus.

Research Studies

Many members of the TCC faculty actively participate in diverse research endeavors and partner with some of the most notable names in chiropractic research. Click here to review a list of recent publications, presentations and new research.

The Impact of the Laser Gym® Device on Limits of Stability, Functional Mobility, Standing Balance, and Gait of Older Females

The study evaluated the effects of impact training with the Laser Gym® device on the limits of stability, functional mobility, standing balance, and gait of older females between the ages of 60 and 94.

Immediate effects of lower cervical spine manipulation on handgrip strength and free-throw accuracy of asymptomatic basketball players: a pilot study

Researchers in this study collected preliminary information to determine whether a single chiropractic adjustment could improve handgrip strength and accuracy of free throws in healthy basketball players.

The Impact of Kinesiology Tape Over the Posterior Lower Limb on Runner Fatigue

This study investigated the potential benefits of using kinesiology tape on the lower legs to overcome runner fatigue.

TCC is conveniently located at 5912 Spencer Highway in Pasadena, TX. For more information about TCC research,  call 281-487-1170.

Laser Gym Research Study

If you are a female between the ages of 60-94, you qualify for this research study. Participants will receive a Target gift card for $50 or $150 depending on the level of participation.

If you are interested please contact Dr. John Ward at or 281.998.5704.

Basketball Research Study

If you are an individual or team interested in becoming a research subject(s) please contact Dr. Jesse Coats at 281.998.6064.

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