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Human Resources

Texas Chiropractic College provides extensive service and a strong, innovation-driven curriculum for our students. To provide this quality of service, we always aim to provide the very best teachers and instructors. For those looking for human resource opportunities in this field, we can help you.

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Our human resource department works closely with our current experts to create a well-rounded staff. To ensure our team is always providing the latest education and services, we aim to re-energize our staff with new, fresh talent. Our human resource team does a fantastic job of ensuring the very best professionals are available for our students.

Employment Opportunities

To provide the very best level of service to our students, we aim to offer experienced and expert professionals. Texas Chiropractic College is always interested in learning more about individuals who wish to work with us in all capacities. While we are not always hiring, we are always interested in talking to well-qualified professionals who can offer something to our current staff.

As a part of Texas Chiropractic College, our staff routinely works closely with students to ensure the highest level of education. This is done through a passion for the industry as well as for teaching the next generation of leaders within chiropractic care.

What You Need to Know about Texas Chiropractic College

As a leading provider of chiropractic care in the United States, Texas Chiropractic College offers the highest quality of education. The school was one of the first chiropractic colleges to earn both a regional and a professional accreditation and this comes directly from our experienced staff and their dedication to providing exceptional service to our students. We hold regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on College as well as professional accreditation by The Council on Chiropractic Education. We welcome all of our new staff and potential staff to embracing this advanced level of education and training.

What Makes Texas Chiropractic College Different?

With more than 300 students enrolled in our school at any given time all coming from 23 different states and even four different countries, it is clear to see just how dedicated we are to ensuring our staff is ready to provide the very best level of care possible. Our school runs on trimester years, with 10 trimesters of study required for graduation. The academic year starts in the Fall, generally in September and our spring trimester begins in January. A summer trimester starts in May.

How You Can Get Involved

The Texas Chiropractic College human resource department is always interested in learning more about talented professionals who wish to aid our current students or future students. Please contact us today to discuss questions about our benefits programs, college employment policies, professional training opportunities, and much more.

The Human Resource Department at Texas Chiropractic College is located on the second floor of the Harris Building. Contact us at 281-998-6003 or sarnold@txchiro.edu for more information and to get your career with our school started.