Campus Accessibility

Campus Accessibility and Security

Nothing is more important to the administration at Texas Chiropractic College than the safety and security of our campus community.

While TCC’s campus facilities are limited to college academic and administrative activities and programs, the campus is open to the public. For this reason, TCC employs a security firm to patrol the campus and ensure the safest possible environment for our students and faculty.

Reporting Campus Crime

Everyone at TCC is instructed to report emergencies or criminal activities to the Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA), who can be reached at (281) 998-6029 or 6062.

To report a crime after 5 p.m., contact the Pasadena Police Department at (281) 477-1221.

Reporting Medical or Fire Emergencies

Anyone who is reporting a medical or fire emergency on the TCC campus should first call 911, then contact the VPSA at (281) 998-6029 or 6062.

Once a report is received, the VPSA will go to the caller’s location to investigate. When necessary, a follow-up investigation will be conducted by the VPSA’s office in cooperation with local authorities.

Students with Disabilities

TCC does everything possible to ensure that students with disabilities are able to independently work to achieve their goals and dreams. Students are asked to provide verification of disability, including an evaluation that has been completed within the last three years for students with learning disabilities. For additional information, contact TCC’s Office of Student Services.

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