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At Texas Chiropractic College, we believe that fostering a healthy campus environment is vital in order to empower students to make the most of their experience.

TCC offers a wide range of health services to students to assist with any number of physical or emotional ailments.


Student doctors at TCC are required by the Texas Department of Health to be immunized prior to patient contact.

Physical Examinations

Because students at TCC perform medical examinations and treatment procedures to patients, they are required to have a complete physical examination during their first trimester of study.

Health Insurance

TCC students are responsible for medical expenses incurred while on campus or at college sponsored activities. Medical expense insurance is available through a number of private companies, and we encourage students to carefully study the specific terms of any policy they are considering purchasing.

Students with Disabilities

TCC does everything possible to ensure that students with disabilities are able to independently work to achieve their goals and dreams. Students are asked to provide verification of disability, including an evaluation that has been completed within the last three years for students with learning disabilities. For additional information, contact TCC’s Director of Student Support Services.

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