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Reasons To Give: Everybody Has One, What's Yours?

…to have an impact on students

Preparing students to become successful doctors and influential members of their community is a top priority at Texas Chiropractic College.  It all starts with recruiting the best students and providing them with the financial resources they need to succeed.  Our campus wide scholarship program rewards outstanding achievement in academics, leadership, research, and service and helps bring the region’s best students to TCC.  

…to have an impact on faculty

Texas Chiropractic College is fortunate to have a dedicated and distinguished faculty.  Some of the most prominent doctors in their chosen fields already provide the influence and leadership that make the our students even better.

…to have an impact on facilities

Creating a dynamic campus atmosphere that promotes learning and research is crucial to the students, staff, and faculty at Texas Chiropractic College.  

Tell us your story.

The impact your support has had on Texas Chiropractic College can be seen throughout campus, the students, the local community, and beyond.  As a donor, you are part of this legacy.  To share why you choose to give, we invite you to tell us your story!