Student Spotlight: Chris Thomas


Published June 6, 2019

Chris Thomas, who will graduate with his Doctor of Chiropractic in August, has balanced owning many companies while completing his coursework at TCC. As an experienced licensed massage therapist who has owned his business for ten years, Chris was chosen to serve as an LMT for Team USA for the second time later this year. 

Thomas is the owner of Get It Right Chiro (a massage company that will include chiropractic after he graduates and acquires his license), CC Printworks (a company that offers screen-printing), Christ In Sports (a Christian apparel company) and a youth track club. He is also a model for Wilhelmina Brown and a motivational speaker.

Read about why he chose chiropractic and the exciting opportunity he has later this year in the full Q&A below.

What was your experience working with Team USA previously? How do you get chosen for an opportunity like this?

I ran track professionally for over 9 years and I knew the importance of the body being in optimal health and conditioning in order to perform at your



Working with Team USA was great. It was great to be able to be on the big stage and assist in numerous athletes’ performances and personal records. It was awesome to be able to provide mental stimulating conversations to the athletes also. Having been in those same shoes, I knew exactly what they were going through.  

I was selected by filing an application that everyone must do. It's a tough selection process that many of my friends didn't even get picked for. Licensure has to be up to date amongst other things. Usually if you are chosen, your first assignment is domestic. I was blessed enough for my first assignment to be international in Toronto, Canada. At the end of the event, all of the athletes, officials, coaches and medical staff grade you on your performance. The top you can get is a 5 and my grade was a 4.92! 

How excited are you to work with Team USA again later this year?

I was also just selected once again to work in Minsk, Belarus in September with Team USA. It's a great experience. My goal is to continue to work with them and get in line and selected for Tokyo Olympics in 2020. We shall see!

What made you choose chiropractic?

Having been an athlete and a massage therapist, I know the importance of a healthy body. We hit curbs daily and throw our axles (spines) out of alignment. We need some good bodywork to make sure our vehicle is operating its best. I always tell my current clients, “We wash our vehicle (body), but rarely do we make sure it's aligned and functioning properly.” Just like our cars that we care so much about, we should care for our bodies. We put better fuel into our cars than we do our bodies to ensure that they run correctly! My coach always used to tell me, “Do you want to be a Mazda or a Maserati? If Maserati, then take care of your body and treat it as such.” I entered the chiropractic profession to assist each and every person that I come into contact with in becoming a Maserati and bettering their health! 

What is your favorite part about TCC?

I love to watch how passionate the teachers are at teaching different tools and tricks of the trade that they have acquired along their journey. 

What advice do you have for an incoming student?

Hold on! If I can do it, anyone can. There is a famous quote I love that states, “The expert at anything was once a beginner.” Don't get discouraged with not being a pro, with not being the best or feeling overwhelmed. Stick with it. Experience is the best teacher. Keep pushing and strive daily to be a better version of yesterday's you!

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